Cranleigh Art & Crafts Society


Programme Saturdays 2.30-4.30 in The Band Room, Cranleigh


Jan-09 SOCIAL AFTERNOON with Kai Choi - Musician, in the Bandroom

Jan-23 Jo Francis Dowden Demonstration in water colour

Feb-13 Appraisal of Members' Work by Liz Seward

Feb-27 Hashim Akib Demonstration in Acrylic. Street scene.

March 17 - 18 - 19 EXHIBITION OF ART & CRAFTS Cranleigh Village Hall

Apr-02 Hagop Kasparian Demonstration in Oil. Landscape scheme.

Apr-23 Tiffany Budd Demonstration in Mixed Media

May-07 Informal Painting with Nigel Pulman

May-21 Richard Larkin Demonstration in Interactive Acrylic. Seascape.

Jun-18 Sharon Hurst Demonstration in Watercolour. Faces.

Jul-02 Informal Painting with Nigel Pulman

Jul-14 DAY OUTING: ART IN ACTION, Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire

Jul-16 Keith Morton Demonstration in Acrylic. Still Life.


Aug-10 OUTDOOR PAINTING All venue details will be in SCOPE newsletter


Sep-10 Steven Hawkins Demonstration in Oils. Rural scene.

Sep-24 Informal Painting with Nigel Pulman

Oct-08 Josie Tipler Demonstration in Pastel. Landscape.

October 13 - 14 - 15 EXHIBITION OF ART & CRAFTS Cranleigh Village Hall

Nov-12 WORKSHOP with Melanie Cambridge. 10 - 4pm. Oil & Acrylics

Nov-19 Informal Painting with Nigel Pulman

Nov-26 CRAFT MARKET Cranleigh Village Hall. 9.30 - 4pm

Dec-03 Ben Manchipp Demonstration in Gouache. Buildings.

SARAH JANAVICIOUS Demonstration on 6 September 2014, Report by Anne Woodford


What a feast for the eyes when we arrived for the demonstration by Sarah Janavicious. Textured collage was her theme inspired by shapes and colours in nature. A recently commissioned work was on display showing a mysterious forest with the brilliant promise of a green and golden land beyond. Sarah took us through the stages she has found most useful to achieve a finished work and chose, for this demonstration a dragonfly resting on leaves. The first stage is to draw the outline of your picture carefully in pencil and she uses ordinary good quality watercolour paper.


Stage two was the exciting choice of objects used to create texture - you can use anything with texture she announced and proceeded to work with fibre-glass, carpet, bubble-wrap kitchen scourers string and other easily available materials. There are various ways of making the textures. Some were stuck on paper and then covered with paint so a print could be taken; others made marks on already painted sheets. Sarah used undiluted acrylic paint in vivid shades and ended up with many different coloured and textures pieces of paper to use in stage three.


A tracing paper copy of the original drawing was made and larger areas broken up into interesting shapes. These were cut from the tracing paper and used as templates to cut accurate textured shapes of exactly the right size to stick onto the original drawing. The picture grew before our eyes like a magic jig-saw. This stage takes patience and careful planning but the result, a gorgeous blue dragonfly on leaves of differing greens with its wings drawn on in black ink was absolutely stunning.


HEATHER JOLIFFE - Demonstration on 4 October 2014, Report by Liz Baker


Heather Joliffe kindly offered her services at very short notice as Keith Hornblower was unable to attend. Heather has had many years’ experience as a product demonstrator and is a tutor at the Open College of the Arts having had students over the years from 18 - 80!


Using a limited palette of warm and cool pigments she chose to illustrate a night-time scene using a photo that she had taken locally in her home town of Lymington, as reference. The picture was taken at Christmas. Heather began by drawing in the outlines of the buildings, using a brush loaded with pale lilac, on a sheet of un-stretched tinted paper. These lines she said would disappear as the painting progressed. An immediate sense of perspective was achieved. A border was left to help prevent buckling of the paper.


Colours were added in stages filling in areas with various light hues, for the buildings, paving etc and moving on to the very dark sky. This was added with the painting (and photo!) upside down which prevented the darker colour from merging into the previously painted areas. Further details were then added and Heather chose to pick out the highlights (e.g. on windows and Christmas lights) using Chinese White gouache rather than blocking with wax or masking fluid. The overall result was delightful and very effective and we were envious of her dexterity.


Heather was warmly thanked. The meeting was well attended and, as new members, my friends and I were made to feel most welcome. We look forward to future events.